In the desperation of failure, in the loneliness of despair we can only hope that the light at the end of the tunnel will be one that guides us to a better tomorrow. We can only hope that the purpose that "saves" us is our beginning and not our end.

Lighthouse & Dangerous Devils is the first narrative art piece that was created for XII VIRTUE and is the foundation for our mission to build a wearable storybook. The piece was inspired by a lonely downward spiral and the following desperation for any sign that the dusk would eventually turn to dawn.

Fast forward to today, we wonder if dawn will ever turn to noon. We wonder if the path we called “independent” or “driven” was actually for the worse.

We walked through a storm and saw epiphany light. Did we come out a warrior or a monster?

Nevertheless, when I inevitably mess up again, please give me one more chance…