Essentially, Impressionable is a story about the good and bad of having a dream. The two color variations of Valence (Pink/Purple) and Dialogue (Green/Blue) respectively represent emptiness and hope.

Valence is inspired by Leon Hu's journey of building XII VIRTUE, a journey inspired only by passion that left him feeling trapped. The never-ending list of obstacles gave him a constant temptation to give up and this weak constitution was infuriating. As time went on, the diminishing passion and stubbornness to see the journey through became the suffocating bond that Leon called his dream.

Dialogue was inspired by the anime franchise Gundam, most specifically Gundam 00Gundam's message consists of a stubborn belief that humanity will learn to peacefully coexist. This is a message that has moved Leon and inspired him to choose narrative art for XII VIRTUE's creative direction. He wanted to break down the walls of communication between people of different worlds and inspire a dialogue of understanding each other through shared emotions or experiences. Unfortunately, that glorious purpose isn't always supported by an gloriously optimistic's exhausting.

When passion meets purpose it becomes obsession. Impressionable is about the types of energy that surround you in the midst of an obsession that can either become your greatest strength or a painful burden. 

As a young, impressionable college kid Leon was once told that "passion is for losers, you are not a winner until you have found your obsession." This was something that he took to heart. Many times over, he wonders if it would be better to just be a loser...